About Us

When Extreme is Your Life

Buddhists have Buddha, Muslims have Muhammad, Christians have Jesus and we have this guy! The One & The Only! The myth. The legend. Our father. Our grandfather. Our (infinity grand) father. Our master splinter. Our Yoda. Grandmaster Flash. He forgives us our past, protects our present and decideds our future.

Icon of Slovenian Skydiving Aleš Debeljak is the founder and head supervisor of everything we do. With more than 30yrs of experiences his focus and passion meets in one point - Skydiving!


We Crossed Those Lines

Tandem Jumps

Our crazy team is counting a large numbers of thrown tandem jumps. Would you be the next?

Students In Skydiving Courses

In his long skydiving career Aleš brought more than thousand studnts up to the sky!

Years Of Flying

Everything started out of passion!

Wanna Jump Wiht Us?