Can You Breathe In Freefall?

One thing for sure is that there is plenty of air… and you can breathe quite normally!


How Fast Do You Fall?

During freefall you reach a speed of nearly 200 km/h. Once the parachute is open, the speed decreases to around 20 km/h and you can enjoy your flight over Ljubljana for about 5 minutes.


Do I Have To Be In Special Physical Condition To Tandem Jump?

No, anyone in good health can enjoy this experience. But however, when making the booking you should inform usIf you weight more than 90 kg. The minim weight to jump is 35kg.


Where Is An Airport Located?

We are jumping from Ljubljana nearest airport Šentvid pri Stični. Options are also at sea side Portorož or beautiful area of Bovec surrounded by mountains.


When Can I Jump?

After you book a tandem you should contact us via email ([email protected]) or telephone (00386 31 208 542) and we will try to arrange experience of your life time based on your wishes.