panoramic flight

The panoramic flights are a guided aerial tour, during which young and old will discover the beautiful landscape of Slovenia. Need an idea to offer a gift? We offer gift vouchers, cotact us for more! 

15 min 
150 EUR (price is including up to 2 or 3 passengers)
Enjoy beautiful landscape from nearby airport. See Green Slovenia from the sky!

30 min 
250 EUR (
price is including up to 2 or 3 passengers)
Enjoy great moments above Slovenian main touristic points. We will fly above capitol Ljubljana or some famous Slovenian lake.

60 min / 75 min 
440 EUR / 480 EUR (price is including up to 2 or 3 passengers)   Do you want to experience Slovenian mountains from above? We will fly over some famous mountains or maybe you prefer Slovenian coastline?

Contact us for more info and to reserve your spot!