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It takes a certain kind of person to jump from an aircraft at 15,000ft intho thin air. It takes courage.

Expect sensory overload as your mind, body and soul fight against every natural self-preserving urge. The challenge is immense. Harnessed by space age materials to an experienced qualified Jumpmaster, you step out of that aircraft door and for some 60 seconds, you plummet toward the ground at 200 kph – terminal velocity!

Tandem Skydive with Skydive LJUBLJANA is one of the best possible outdoor activities that you can have while visiting. Our Skydiving School operates from 1996 and has a special status in Slovenian Skydiving History. We are making the dreams come true! Bring your bucket list, so we can cross it out!

Live Epic

Memories Catcher

Save Your Experience Forever

Handicam Photos 60€

Using wrist-mounted camera, your tandem master will capture your entire skydive experience. Footage on the ground, personal interview, flight, aircraft exit, skydive free fall, parachute ride and landing.

Freefall Photos Video 80€

Have your own personal freefall photographer skydive alongside you, producing the highest quality photo and video footage in the country.

Full Combo 100€

Combine handicam and one of our freefall photographers to jump alongside you. Close-up perspective plus bird’s eye view of Slovenia captured by your own dedicated freefall cameraman.

Skydive With The Best

6 Reasons Why To Fly

Best Skydive Instructors

Working only with TOP class instructors, team of of national and world champions in Skydiving.

Perfect Locations

Expect unexpected. Green beautiful nature, surrounded by mountains and sea.

Safety Is Priority

We take the best care of your safety and comfort.

We Live This

More then 30 years of experiences.

We Love This

When adrenaline is your life, freefall your mood booster & bird's perspective your one and only POV, you know you're living for skydiving.

If Not Now, When?

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“BEST EXPERIENCE IN MY LIFE! The best!!!!!!!! Wanna do it once again. Actually i wanna become skydiver. Best feeling ever! Better ad orgasm!”

“SKYDIVE LJUBLJANA ROCKS! My lovely wife turned me into a skydiver ! She has completed her skydiving training and is a solo skydiver now but I prefer jumping with a experienced skydiving instructor .It’s insaneeeee.”

“BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN MY LIFE! First i was affraid of height, but Skydive Ljubljana instructors were so nice and professional that i have changed my mind! I want to do it once again! Thanks guys!”

“AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Jump was awesome! Looking Slovenian green nature from 4.000 meters above ground! Everyone should try it!”

“FEEL SLOVENIA FROM THE SKY! On my visit to Slovenia, I decided to something crazy – to jump in tandem from the plane! From the sky I had a chance to see the real beauty of Slovenia (forest, hills, lakes mountains) while having fun at the same time.”


After a 15 minute scenic flight to altitude, you will nudge towards the edge of the plane before being thrown out! Keep your head up, smile at your skydive photographer and take in the stunning surroundings. After an exhilarating freefall, you will experience a 5 minute parachute ride, floating safely back down to the skydive drop zone.


Take home the most comprehensive skydive photo & video pack in Slovenia. Yours to take away on the day; relive and share your experience anytime. Take a look at some example customer photos and videos.



View Tandem Skydive Prices and Skydive Photography prices and options.



In our drop zone you can watch the parachutes being packed and learn about the history of skydiving, the make-up of the equipment involved and how the freefall camera systems work. There are drinks and snacks available for purchase, toilets and a souvenir clothing & gifts store, as well as free WI-FI.  We also have lockers to store your valuables while skydiving.



Courtesy transport to our drop zone is included in the price.



Allow 3 hours return trip.



You will be provided with a jumpsuit, hat, goggles and gloves, so all you need to wear are warm layers and flat closed-toed shoes.  If you wear glasses, we have goggles that fit over the top.



Maximum weight is 115kg/253lbs. All persons over 95kg are subject to Tandem Master assessment at the drop zone.

Those under 18 require parental/guardian consent.  Please be aware that skydiving is a very weather dependent activity and cancellations due to unsuitable weather conditions may occur. Full refunds will be given if this occurs.

Not sure about skydiving? View our Frequently Asked Questions page for any questions you may have, learn about Skydive Ljubljana or check out some of our Raves & Reviews to see what others have been saying!