Tandem jumps

Tandem Skydiving



After a 15 minute scenic flight to altitude, you will nudge towards the edge of the plane before being thrown out! Keep your head up, smile at your skydive photographer and take in the stunning surroundings. After an exhilarating freefall, you will experience a 5 minute parachute ride, floating safely back down to the skydive drop zone.



  • Instructor's help & Jump from 4.200 m
  • Panorama flight
  • Skydive Certificate for completing your jump


  • Instructor's help & Jump from 4.200 m
  • Handicam HD Video or Photo
  • Panorama flight
  • Skydive Certificate for completing your jump


  • Instructor's help & Jump from 4.200 m
  • Professional Personal Freefall Videographer
  • Free photos of your jump
  • Panorama Flight
  • Skydive Certificate for completing your jump


  • Everything included in Gold & Jump from 4.500 m+
  • Hostess Hospitality
  • Exclusive Private VIP Flight
  • Champagne Reception (after the jump)


On your Tandem Skydive, you will be securely harnessed to a professional instructor who has jumped thousands of times.
Your instructor will tell you what a tandem jump consists of and give you a few simple instructions.

You will ascend to an altitude of 4,000 metres in one of our turbine aircraft (CO2 Emissions Compensated) and then, together, you jump.

You will enjoy one minute of freefall at the speed of 200km/h until you reach 1,500 metres.

At which point your instructor will open the parachute. 
You will then experience a 5-minute flight with your tandem parachute over the wonderful beaches of Portorož or any other beautiful Slovenian airport surrouneded by green nature like Šentvid pri Stični. You will land gently, at the point where your family and friends will be waiting for you.

Your feet will touch the ground and you will not be able to believe that you have done a skydive. But do not worry, your personal camera-flyer captured every moment of this lifetime experience in a professional video and photographic report.

Save your experiences forever

Using handycam (wrist-mounted camera), your tandem master will capture your entire skydive experience. Footage on the ground, personal interview, flight, aircraft exit, skydive free fall, parachute ride and landing.


Only in Silver package.


See example:

Have your own personal freefall photographer skydive alongside you, producing the highest quality photo and video footage in the country..



Only in Gold package.


See example:

Combine handicam and one of our freefall photographers to jump alongside you. Close-up perspective plus bird’s eye view of Slovenia captured by your own dedicated freefall cameraman.


Only in Platinum package


See example: